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Is baseball betting legal in Canada?  

The short answer is: Yes.  It’s easy for some folks to be confused by the issue of the legality of sports and baseball wagering in Canada.  Some people wonder why sportsbook companies advertise on Canadian television but always finish by saying “this is not a gambling site” and that the site they are advertising is only for fun or for checking scores and odds.  You see, companies like those below are not allowed to advertise their sports betting, casino or poker games services where players actually use real money.  Thus what you will always hear being advertised is the “dot-net” version of their website.  This will be a completely free and educational site where you can learn how to play with no real money involved.  Since no money is at stake with these free and educational sites, the companies are allowed by law to advertise them.  Of course, the companies that advertise hope you will recognise their brand and simply browse to the regular site that involves real money betting or gaming.  

Certainly this seems like a strange law to for these companies to adhere to, since the free brand and real-money brands are identical to one another.  However, at least this explains why you only every see “.net” sites advertised.  Don’t let it confuse your, online sport betting is legal in Canada in the sense that people may bet online without fear of legal ramifications.  The laws exist to prevent the providers from taking single event bets.  You may wish to read more exhaustive explanation about Canadian sports betting laws.

The second thing that can confuse people is our proximity to the US where gambling online has been made much more difficult and illegal for some. In that country, The US Federal government made it difficult to move player money to the sports betting services as credit card companies were no longer allowed to process such transactions.   Rest assured there is no such set of laws or restrictions in Canada and in fact, Canada is home to one of the most popular and important gaming and sports betting regulation jurisdictions, that being the  Kahnawake Gaming Commission which is a Mohawk Territory located just south of Montreal.  Kahnawake regulates Sports Interaction found below, which only serves Canada.  Given that the First Nations community can serve the Canadian sports bettor, it is unlikely that single-event sports betting will become ‘Legal’ in a traditional way within the rest of Canada - at least from the perspective of the providers.  Players like you will continue to be able to play with sites like those below without any legal issues whatsoever.

About My Baseball Betting Listings:

Why is my list so tiny?  I only list betting companies that I consider to be the best for Canadians. Would it really make sense for me to research 20 companies and then rank them one through 20?  Would you sign up with sportsbook number 18?  Not a chance!

That’s why I try to keep things simple.  If a company fails to meet my uniquely Canadian criteria, it doesn’t get listed.

Why might a site fail to get listed?  Limited baseball betting offerings, poor payout record like withholding player funds or placing limits on the accounts of winning players, not offering CAD wagering or not offering mobile betting.

Each site I list has satisfied my review criteria, however, they are each different in their service offerings.  So read the reviews and choose based on your own preferences and requirements, not a phoney rating scheme.  If you like to shop for the best odds, it might make sense to sign up with more than one so that you can maximise your winnings.  

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Bodog is one of the oldest brand names in the business, established in 1994.  Bodog is specially targeted to the Canadian market, so you know they cater to our preferences. Bodog is one of the best available bookies that also accepts Bitcoin.   Read the full review here.

Pinnacle was established in 1998.  They don’t advertise. They don’t offer a sign up bonus.  Why?  This costs money.  They operate on razor thin margins to consistently offer the highest paying odds.  Pinnacle calls this 'A bonus for life.'  If having consistently high paying odds is of most importance to you, Pinnacle is likely your best option.  Read the full review here.

Sports Interaction is a unique online betting site in that they are both located and regulated in Canada.  If stability and trustworthiness are of utmost importance to you, you'll likely believe that Canadian regulation will secure any deposits and winnings that you have, just as Canadian banking regulations ensured our stability during the recent banking crisis.  Read the full review here.

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William Hill is a pioneer in the world of sports betting, founded in 1934.  A public UK company on the London Stock Exchange, they are the epitome of a trustworthy and stable betting company.  William Hill recognized the importance of the Canadian market long ago by being one of the first international services to offer CAD accounts and Canadian-friendly banking methods.  Read the full review here.

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Would you like to compare baseball odds from each of these sportsbooks to find out which one will pay the most for your games of interest?  I ‘ve created a page that lets you see the current odds available so you can quickly determine the best one for you.

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